Detroit Dental Specialists Refund Policy

Detroit Dental Specialists’ practice philosophy is to serve our patients with the ultimate goal of improving and maintaining good dental health, which in turn can improve their general health and their quality of life. In good faith, we provide dental treatment with the expectation of payment for services rendered.

Under this policy, the fee for most services cannot be refunded as the service rendered cannot be “returned.” Examples would include prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) and fillings. Actual fabricated products, such as dentures, occlusal guards, bleaching trays, crowns, bridges and dentures, are unique to each individual and as such cannot be resold, reworked or reused for another individual. Custom products such as these can only be cancelled if the product has not already been completed. A refund/replacement, however, can be considered if the patient establishes that the quality of product delivered is not good, is deemed to be non-functional and if we are unable to correct the problem in a reasonable manner.